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Here are some Videos on the Marketing, Reviews, Tips and using Electronic Cigarettes - Electric Cigarettes - E-Liquid - E-Cigarettes - Ecigs. Before starting any of the E-Cigarette videos please turn your volume down until the video starts to play. The Volume does vary and some have loud music inserts.


This is a Video by Ritalee on her review of the Totally Wicked 510 Titan. Ritalee has made some very good video reviews on E-Cigarette products and she mixes her own Vapor Juice. All her videos can be found on YouTube.



This is another Ritalee video on mixing her own E-Liquid. She is a true Vaping Pro and likes her Totally Wicked E-Liquid products.


Fox News piece on the Electronic Cigarettes noting the FDA wouldn't respond other than to say they are not approved and are dangerous.



Matthew Salmon, Persident of the Electronic Cigarette Association addressing the FDA and offering an open table to discuss their concerns on E-cigarettes.



This is a very nice Blucigs Promotional Video


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