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v2 cigs: Electronic Cigarette is a 2-piece e-cigarette that is quite customizable. They go the extra mile to let smokers know why a 2-piece design is superior to a 3-piece design, but they also offer refillable models with e-liguid for the more advanced smokers. They have five battery colors, twelve flavors and five strengths. They list their ingridients and have many accessories. They offer many chargers and have a great warranty. V2 boasts the best vapor above the rest.

The V2 electronic cigarette is elegantly designed with convenience and quality in mind. Our electronic cigarettes feature only two easy to use components: the V2 battery and our disposable atomized flavor cartridges—with fresh-seal technology! Simple screw a fresh cartridge onto your V2 battery and your ready to go!

Their innovative disposable cartridges require no cleaning and no sticky mess. The vapor liquid is fully sealed within an aluminum cylinder to insure freshness, and can hold up to three times the liquid volume of ordinary 3-piece models. With V2 not only will your vapor stay fresh, but you get more of it! Every cartridge is filled by hand and sealed with three stay fresh rubber caps. You can tell the difference just holding a V2 cartridge in your hand.

V2 has a lot to offer and have made a large impact on the industry. So give V2 a try, you'll be happy you did!!



V2 Cigs 

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Blu cigs: is truly a compact e-cigarette and is the smallest model we have tested yet.  Their e-cig is about the size of a regular analog filter king. The performance is very good for its size. We ordered the medium nicotine for our testing and it was a good strength for us.  The Blu Kit comes with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, 1 carton of loaded cartridges (5 of each flavor), the plastic charging pack and its USB charger. You definitely get a lot for the price.

This unit is a very cool setup with the travel pack which holds five cartridges, one single battery and one fully assembled e-cigarette. The travel pack also charges the batteries on the fly approximately six times until it needs recharging. The battery life is great for its size and it produces good vapor. The one drawback for me was the fact you are stuck with the variety of flavors when ordering. I’m not big on sweet flavors and I don’t like menthol, so I would have preferred just tobacco flavor. The cartridge design is nice but you need to make sure the foil over the reservoir gets fully punctured by spinning the cartridge. Overall it is a very cool package and is a very nice beginner option. I bought 4 extra atomizers and loaded each cartridge in the carry pack. As you get more proficient these can be refilled with your own flavors.


I would definitely recommend the Blu Cigs especially for beginners









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