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E-Cigarette FAQ


Are E-Cigarettes better for me than traditional cigarettes?

Yes. E-Cigs do not contain the thousands of chemicals, tar, ash and smell associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. It simply provides the smoker with a small dose of nicotine and water vapor.  They are better for the environment as well, you will be helping the ozone layer and won't cause house or forest fires.


Are Electronic Cigarettes safe? - E-Cigarette Clinical Trials
Clinical trials have now been carried out in New Zealand by Dr Murray Laugeson of Health New Zealand.

The test found that the E-Cigarette was:

"...very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on all measurements we have applied. Using micro-electronics it vaporizes, separately for each puff, very small quantities of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol, two small well-known molecules with excellent safety profiles, – into a fine aerosol. Each puff contains one third to one half the nicotine in a tobacco cigarette’s puff. The cartridge liquid is tobacco-free and no combustion occurs."


What are the ingredients in e-liquid?

Vapor cartridges contain nicotine (in various levels usually very high, high, medium, low and no nicotine), propylene glycol, tobacco flavoring, and other flavoring ingredients exclusive to each manufacturer. These cartridges come in various flavors and nicotine levels to satisfy the needs of a variety of smokers. Propylene glycol is a water-based ingredient found in many health products and medicines. None of the ingredients in the cartridges have been found to be carcinogenic.


What are the effects of nicotine?

The effects of nicotine are stimulation, a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and alertness. These effects can last from minutes to hours. Nicotine is considered very habit-forming and addictive. The carcinogenic properties of nicotine in a standalone form, separated from tobacco smoke, have not been evaluated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer/IARC.


Who can use E-Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes are for smokers 18 years of age or older and as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Some manufacturers claim there products should not be used as a quit-smoking device but only as a Tobacco Alternative. E-Cigarettes should NOT be used by anyone who does not use a nicotine product currently. These devices should NOT be used by nonsmokers or by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma.


Who can purchase E-Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes are available to anyone who is at least 18 years or older who resides in the United States. It is recommended that only current smokers or users of Nicotine products purchase these devices.


Do Electronic Cigarettes produce smoke?

No, E-Cigs produce a somewhat odorless and harmless water vapor that disappears in seconds.


How do E-Cigarettes work?

E-Cigs works with a small rechargeable battery and a unique, safe replaceable cartridge that contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates  tobacco, and other flavorings exclusive to each manufacturer. When you inhale it activates the atomizer which releases simulated smoke that is actually water vapor. There are two and three piece designs.


Why is the light on the end of the e-cigarette colored?

The color of the tip on Electronic Cigarettes can vary to help alleviate any concerns onlookers and venue owners may have that you are smoking a real cigarette in areas where you typically cannot smoke traditional cigarettes.


Can I really smoke E-Cigarettes anywhere?

Yes, E-Cigs are not a traditional cigarette and do not burn tobacco. It can be smoked in areas where normal smoking bans are in place - such as bars, restaurants, planes and offices. Electronic Cigarettes produce water vapor that is pretty much odorless and disappears in a few seconds. You should check with your location before using these products. You should also check state and local laws in regards to these products before using them.


How big are Electronic Cigarettes?

The size will vary depending on the product purchased. Most are designed to resemble a traditional cigarette and come in similar sizes. but there are many types on the market.


How long does each cartridge last?

This will depend on the usage and brand. They vary from 7 traditional cigarettes to two packs depending on the design and manufacturer.


How long does each battery last?

Most batteries are lithium-ion technology and the charge will vary on usage, size and style. On average 250 puffs.


How do I know when the battery needs recharging?

Your battery will blink repeatedly when it needs to be recharged. The E-Cigarette will also produce less vapor and have a harder draw.


How long does it take to recharge a battery?

This will also vary depending on the style and size, a fully discharged battery will take anywhere from one to two hours to fully recharge.


How much nicotine is in each cartridge?

There is generally five levels of nicotine strength in Vapor cartridges: (16mg) = Non-Filter, (12mg) = Filter Kings, (8/6mg) = Lights, (4mg) = Ultra Lights and (0mg) Non-Nicotine depending on the manufacturer. The e-liquid or vapor juice can have much higher levels of nicotine. Important: When refilling your own cartridges always wash your hands after handling E-Liquid and Vapor Cartridges. If you do get excess E-Liquid in your mouth spit it out, rinse and wipe off the mouth piece. Remember Nicotine is it's pure state is a poison. ALWAYS!! Keep your e-cigarette, e-liquid and it's components well out of reach of Children and Pets.


How do I extend the life of the atomizer?

It is time to replace the cartridge as soon as the taste starts to become less desirable or full. This indicates that the fluid in the cartridge is running low. It is extremely important to not use the e-cigarette if the cartridge is becoming dry enough so that you do not see much smoke. Otherwise the result will be damaging to your atomizer by causing it to overheat. Following this notice properly will extend the life of the atomizer greatly.


Is my purchase secure?

Absolutely. Purchasing from the Inhale Shop sends you to our affiliate location on each manufacturers web site and is completely safe. Your details will never be shared with 3rd parties. Each web site has it’s own secure processing.


What flavors are available?

Vapor Cartridges and Vapor Juice are available in many flavors: Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple, Strawberry and Cherry. Each flavor should be available in all the strengths for that manufacturer.


To what countries do you ship?

At this time unless the affiliate has additional countries linked from their web site all purchases can only be shipped to US customers with a US shipping address. Due to laws specific to each country manufacturers can no longer ship E-Cigs or E-Liquid Cartridges to certain countries. You will need to check with the place of purchase and your local laws.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Shipping time frames will fluctuate based upon manufacturer, product demand and inventory levels. Please see the "Shipping" section of the manufacturer site for more specifics on current shipping time frames for the products you purchased.


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