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E Cigarette Types

If you do some research on electronic cigarettes you will soon find that there are a variety of types, sizes and styles. Some are better in certain ways than others, but in general they all have their pros and cons. I hope this page will help educate you and make your purchasing decision easier.

Each manufacturer has their own model numbers so we have broken the types down by general description. Below is a list of some of the most popular types and what we believe to be their strengths and weaknesses.

Different Type E-Cigarettes

All electronic smoking devices have three primary things in common. They all have a battery, atomizer, and an e-liquid cartridge of some sort.

Basic e-cigarette design


Micro E-Cigarette - (50mm - 88mm) The smallest and lightest of all E-Cigarettes to date. Some are even shorter and thinner than real cigarettes. Diameter is usually thinner than Super-Mini models, making them lighter. Pros: It’s small size makes it comfortable for many smokers to use. Cons: It’s small size also makes it’s battery, atomizer and cartridge pretty small.

Micro E-Cigarette

Super Mini E-Cigarette – (90mm - 100mm) One of the smallest models on the market. It is basically the same size as a regular cigarette. Pros: It’s small size makes it comfortable for many smokers to use. Cons: It’s compact size also makes it’s battery, atomizer and cartridge small.

Green Super Mini


Super E-Cigarette – (100mm - 115mm) Slightly larger than a regular cigarette, but still looks like a tobacco cigarette. Pros: Most smokers find the size comfortable and it produces good vapor and has decent battery life. Cons: The cartridge is a bit smaller than others.

Super E-Cigarette


Mini E-Cigarette – (116mm - 139mm) About the same girth as the Super Cigarette, but longer and has a tapered mouthpiece. Pros: Produces good vapor and has a good battery life. Cons: Some smokers find the feel and design to be too different from a traditional cigarette and more like a small cigar.

Mini Style E-Cigarettes


Pen Style E-Cigarette – (140mm - 160mm) This was one of the first designs on the market. It is quite a bit larger than a tobacco cigarette. Pros: It produces a lot of vapor and has a strong battery with a large cartridge. Cons: It is large an awkward to hold for many used to smoking a traditional (analog) cigarette.

Pen Style E-Cigarette


Screwdriver E-Cigarette – As you guessed, this is shaped like a screwdriver. It is basically a really big battery. Pros: Battery life is extended and it creates a large amount of vapor. Cons: It is very large in diameter and may be uncomfortable to hold. Casual users may have issues using them in public because they look strange. The model pictured is a new design. These are truly for the heavy user.

Screwdriver Style E-Cigarette


Disposable E-Cigarette – Disposable electronic cigarettes are all one piece with no rechargeable battery or refillable cartridge. They come in different sizes, but are generally the same size as the Mini Cigarette. Pros: Convenience. Cons: The cartridges can’t be refilled and the batteries can’t be recharged, It's not cost effective and is really intended for the beginner to try e-cigarettes.

Disposable E-Cigarette


Electronic Cigar - There are many types of E-Cigars out there. I have not tried any of them so I can't place any pros or cons in their operation. They do come in various shapes and sizes. Most resemble a traditional cigar.



Electronic Pipe - There are also many types of E-Pipes as well. I have not tried any of these either, so again I can't place any pros or cons in their operation. Here again they come in various designs and resemble a traditional Pipe.




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